Achieve peak body performance, flexibility, strength and balance through our contemporary approach to Pilates. We focus intently on form and integrate cardio blasts, barre workouts, and traditional fitness techniques  into our sessions to maximize results.  Our sessions are effective and suitable for any age and fitness level!

An Initial Assessment or Pilates Essentials class is highly recommended prior to joining semi private sessions.

50 min


Whether you're a long time client wanting to fine tune or a new client excited to try Pilates, this class is for you!  Pilates Essentials will take you through the foundational moves of Pilates. Get ready to feel challenged as you improve your core stability, flexibility, strength and control for your entire body. Having a good foundation is everything! 

*NOT recommended for those with major injuries or limitations. 

*Pilates Essential sessions expire 2 months from date of purchase 

50 min

Ready to sweat?  Pilates Circuit classes take your through timed, high-intensity intervals with short rest periods to achieve your personal best.  Just like with our traditional Pilates classes, you'll never know what to expect!
*NOT recommended for new clients or for those with major injuries or limitations.  
50 min


A blend of the industry's most powerful and timeless disciplines: Pilates and Boxing.  This free standing program combines powerful boxing, sculpting and Pilates-influenced movements. 

The fusion of Pilates + Boxing + Barre
Weighted gloves are optional and available for purchase at the studio. 

50 min

Open to ALL fitness levels and first timers!


​Step away from your busy day.  Soothing music, candles, aromatherapy... need we say more?  Stretch, rejuvenate and unwind with us!

60 min

Your first Piloxing/Barre or Yoga class is $10!  

Piloxing, Barre and Yoga classes are always $10 for military, teachers and students with proper ID.  Please call or text us to receive your discount!

Classes Offered

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