Reformer Pilates - Barre - Yoga - Corpus Christi, Texas

 Whether you are new to Pilates or coming back from a hiatus, an Initial Assessment is the best way to start!  We want to make sure that you understand good form, compensation patterns and that we understand what your individual goals are when you get started.  Your initial one-on-one session also gives one of our Certified Instructors an opportunity to introduce you to the various pieces of equipment we have available and gives you an opportunity to learn how to work the equipment at your pace. 

After this initial evaluation, you can choose whether to continue with private or semi private classes.  Private sessions are great for anyone; especially if you have specific goals, specific scheduling needs, injuries, physical limitations or are in need of pre- or post-natal training. It is a great way to get started and we have so many fun things to show you!

Schedule your Initial Assessment online: once you enter the schedule, click the Appointments tab and find a time that works for you!  If you don't see a convenient time, give us a call at 361-992-4444.  

Barre and Yoga classes are open level and open to first timers!

Purchase a 10 class pass on your first visit and receive an additional $25 off your package!


1324 Airline Rd., Corpus Christi, TX 78412